10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017

In the BitTorrent record conveyance framework, a torrent document is a PC record that contains metadata about records and envelopes to be disseminated. And more often than not, a rundown of the system areas of trackers, which are PCs that help members in the framework locate each other and shape proficient dispersion bunches called swarms.

A downpour document does not contain the substance to be appropriated; it just contains data about those records, for example, their names, sizes, organizer structure, and cryptographic hash values for confirming record honesty. Contingent upon setting, a downpour might be the deluge document or the referenced substance.

Which downpour destinations are the most prevalent this year? As we proceed with a long-standing custom, we see that The Pirate Bay turns out as the ruler of deluges at the end of the day.

Since a few downpour destinations have closed down as of late, the current year’s top rundown additionally uncovers a few newcomers.

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Toward the start of 2017, the deluge scene looks very unique in relation to a year back.

With the shutdown of KickassTorrents and Torrentz.eu, two of the biggest players in the scene vanished.

Be that as it may, their places were immediately filled by built up locales and a couple of new faces. The Pirate Bay is in the number one spot by and by, nearly took after by ExtraTorrent and RARBG, which increased numerous new guests as of late.

The informal Torrentz resurrection Torrentz2.eu is the most elevated newcomer in fifth place. This meta-web index duplicated the look and feel of the ancient meta-web crawler and spreads many additional locales contrasted with its forerunner.

TorrentProject is likewise doing great. The site has been around for many years as of now yet never made it into the main ten preceding.

At last, Nyaa.se and Rutracker likewise merit a say. Both have enough movement to warrant a posting, yet we restricted the rundown to destinations that are focused at standard substance for an English or worldwide gathering of people.

The following is the full rundown of the ten most visited downpour destinations toward the begin of the new year. The rundown depends on different activity reports, and we show the Alexa rank for each. Likewise, we incorporate a year ago’s positioning.



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The Pirate Bay is the “ruler of deluges” at the end of the day and furthermore the most seasoned site in this rundown. The previous year has been generally peaceful for the infamous downpour site, which is now working from its unique .organization space name.


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ExtraTorrent has relentlessly developed its user base in the course of recent years and this pattern proceeds. As indicated by the site’s author, ET’s dynamic group is one of the primary explanation behind this achievement. The site is likewise the home of the well known ETTV and ETRG discharge bunches.


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RARBG, which began as a Bulgarian tracker, has picked up the hearts and psyches of numerous video privateers. Films and TV-appears with a RARBG tag are a typical sight on other downpour records too. The site was established in 2008 yet just showed up in the main ten in 2015.


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YTS.ag is not the slightest bit subsidiary with the first YTS or YIFY bunch, however successfully had its spot toward the end of last year. Not all other deluge destinations are content with the ‘mark seize’, and a few are effectively forbidding its discharges.


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Torrentz2 is a remain in for the first Torrentz.eu site, which willfully shut its entryways the previous summer. The meta-internet searcher is open about the way that it’s not identified with the “genuine” Torrentz and positions itself as a better than ever form, seeking more than 60 other deluge destinations.

6. 1337X

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1337x had a few issues a year prior, when a few of the administrators and arbitrators challenged over security concerns. Be that as it may, much advance has been made since. The site enhanced, continued developing in activity, and as of late revealed another outline also.


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TorrentProject is a commonplace name in the downpour scene, yet shows up in the main ten interestingly. The site utilizes DHT to discover content and at present has more than 10 million deluges in its database.


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The first TV-downpour dissemination gathers EZTV close down after an antagonistic take over in 2015, with new proprietors guaranteeing responsibility for the brand. The new gathering as of now works from EZTV.ag and discharges its own particular deluges. These discharges are prohibited on some other downpour destinations because of this questionable history.



TorrentDownloads has been around for quite a while. In the same way as other different destinations, it is effectively hindered by ISPs in a few nations. The site offers a straightforward record that gives deluges to a large number of clients every month.


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Limetorrents.cc recovered a spot in the main ten this year. The site’s administrator likewise propelled the downpour store iTorrents a couple of months prior, which is utilized by a few other deluge-web indexes.

There is another awesome torrenting server named Fenopy. Fenopy makes them force highlights. Fenopy has a Spartan and clean interface, and a part of its library is devoted to checked downpours. Simple sorting of the forbidden outcomes and a list of the most well- known deluges will please generally clients. Promoting does fly up and occupy, yet close to other deluge destinations. Unquestionably, try Fenopy.eu out.

Even if you have used a particular BitTorrent repeatedly with great success, make sure you scan every file you want to download for viruses and spyware. Infected files can be found even on the most trusted sites.

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