5 Awesome Websites to Visit When You want something new.

These are some of the most awesome websites I visit and you must too when you are bored or want an escape from the normal digital world of Facebook, Whatsapp and Google. I don’t visit them each and every day except on ends of the week or when I am feeling exhausted and they never disillusion. Perhaps you ought to look at them as well.

Dear Photograph

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The site highlights photos of individuals holding up old pictures that were taken at the correct recognize quite a while prior. A portion of the best photos are currently accumulated in a book (dearphotograph.me).


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This resembles an online self-running slideshow exhibiting a portion of the best satellite pictures found on Google Maps. Run the site in full-screen mode (Ctrl Shift F) and you may find lovely and unforeseen place on our wonderful earth (stratocam.com).

 The Useless Web:

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This is one of the most useless web places online right now. For this reason, it’s a small wonder the developers have dubbed it as “The Useless Web”. To navigate this website, you just click on “Please” and it will take you to a random and useless website, which may or may not keep you entertained.

A Soft Murmur:

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For those that enjoy the peaceful sounds of Mother Nature – rain, thunder, birds, etc. – you now have a website in which you can easily listen to specific ambient sound effects, or a selected few at the same time. This site is much like Incredi Box from above, only slightly different and with different sound effects. Just plug in your headset, and relax to the sounds of Mother Nature.

Hacker Typer

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Here we have another useless website, only this time, it simulates you pretending to be a programmer. It has a black terminal style background, with a green font. You can type in random stuff on your keyboard and it will display as code in some sort of editor. However, although an experienced programmer would immediately know that the code if fake, it is still a way to pass time by, and maybe learn something about coding.

These sites are my personal favourites. Have a look and let me know your opinions in the comment section below.



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