5 Facts to Keep in Mind while Banking Online

Banking Online is like a trend now days.  Also after the proposal of Cashless India by our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi, online transactions have increased more tan 47%. Now comes the fact of online money fraud. To prevent such situations one must follow these 6 facts and lead a care-free online money life.

The bank will never call you and ask for your account details

The first and the foremost things to keep in mind is that the banks never call or contact you regarding your online banking details i.e the bank in which you have an account will never contact you in any way and ask you for your online details. These details include your internet banking username, password, debit card or credit card number, ATM PIN or CVV number.

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If you ever get a call from anyone regarding any of these details you must not disclose the details and should inform the bank branch officers regarding the call and the asked details.

Never Enter Your Card Details On Non-https Website

Hacking attempts are increasing day by day and site owners and trying their best to increase the security and making their sites hack-proof. It is a known fact that HTTPS sites are more secure than the normal HTTP sites. One must not enter their banking details on a hackable or insecure site.

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HTTPS sites are using SSL certificates on their websites which ensure the protection of the credit card, debit card etc. So the chances of getting hacked by fraudsters are very less and hence your details are secure inside the internet vaults. I am not saying that HTTPS sites cannot be hacked under any case. Those also can be hacked but chances are low. HTTPS sites can be hacked by master hackers and such hackers generally are not interested in small frauds.

Change your ATM PIN and Internet Banking Passwords Regularly

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You ought to continuously change your ATM card PIN Code and internet banking account password on a normal basis. Since regardless of the possibility that any of the unapproved individuals knows your PIN or secret key he or she can’t utilise it as you have transformed it. Indeed, even a few banks remind their record holders to change their watchword by sending SMS to them routinely but you must wait for the messages to arrive. You must change your credentials at least once in two weeks.

Don’t Use Public Computers To Bank Online

Public computers are the ones which we get in cyber cafe or libraries. Tese are called so because many people use these computers. There are changes that those computers may have a virus installed which may be recording the keystrokes you enter. But even if you use those computers then use the virtual keyboard which is available on the login pages of the bank.

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If you have any urgency and you have to use public computers to login into your internet banking account then after using it make sure you clear the history including cache, cookies and delete all the temporary files on the computer.

Always Use A Licensed and Active Anti-Virus Software

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On your personal computer when you bank online to make sure you have installed an anti-virus software on your computer which is active and licensed. Because that software will prevent you from phishing and other attacks on your computer.

Final Words

So these are the few things which you should keep in your mind while banking online. If you feel I have missed something then you can comment that below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on how we can prevent fraud online by commenting below.

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