Depression Anxiety and Stress: Everything You Need To Know.

Being able to recognise when you are stressed and anxious, and knowing how to handle it when you are under the pressure that they bring, can greatly help your state of mind and your happiness in life. Depression, Anxiety and Stress must be handled.

Am I depressed? How can I feel less stressed? Why am I so anxious?

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression – What’s the Difference?


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Stress is an everyday part of our lives and a normal reaction to a situation where you feel under pressure. It’s part of our primal “fight or flight” response and is intended to keep us safe and alive. These days we don’t need to outrun animals that are trying to kill us like our primitive ancestors probably had to, but the response to stressful situations still creates similar feelings and chemical reactions in our bodies and brains.

Some other examples of stress are – trouble meeting work deadlines, public speaking, sitting exams, worry over loved ones etc. Sometimes the stressors come from an outside source (like being stuck in traffic or coping with annoying co-workers) and sometimes they are internal (brought about by an overly active imagination or irrational thinking).


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Anxiety, however, is still having those feelings of stress long after the actual offending event has passed. This constant feeling of being stressed, even though there no longer exists an imminent stressful situation you have to deal with, is what is classed as anxiety. These feelings sit just under the surface and manifest themselves in you as a continuous daily uneasiness, apprehension, or fearful feeling in the pit of your stomach or chest, particularly when you’re placed constantly in similar situations or have the fear of doing so.

A constant worry over finances is a good example of everyday worry that many people carry around with them, and one that bubbles away just under the surface. Over time this stress seats itself in as anxiety.

While money worries is a common concern it is by no means the only one. Worry over loved ones, friendships, bullies, job pressures, a tyrant of a boss, etc, are all examples of ongoing stressed feelings that’s classed as anxiety. The anxious feelings can be a daily constant one or come on for no apparent reason, such as in panic attacks.


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Depression is more than just feeling down. I used to suffer with depression for many years and it’s a debilitating and horrible place to be – very dark and lonely, interspersed with feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of not wanting to continue. Suicide has crossed my mind on occasion in the past.

While it’s not a very nice subject to talk about, too many people suffer in silence with this. Even if you haven’t suffered from deep depression as I have, you no doubt would have felt what a low mood is like.

Depression, however, is more than just a low mood. While nearly all of us will feel sad, moody, or down from time to time, people who are depressed have these feelings much more intensely and for longer periods of time, often for weeks, months, and even years. They find it hard to function every day and its as if the enjoyment has been sucked out of their life.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses we have in society today, and it has been estimated that one in five people will experience it at some stage in their life.

One of every four Indians affected by anxiety disorders, 10% are depressed

Depression, Anxiety and Stress are equally harmful. Studies say Depression affects 10% of Indians but day-to-day anxieties are sending more Indians round the bend, say doctors ahead of World Mental Health Day. Anxiety, affecting 25% of the population, is possibly the first stage to the serious-to-handle depression if not addressed.

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The irritated colleague, the weepy spouse, the cleanliness-obsessed in-law and the speeding driver full of road rage are commonplace examples of mental illnesses stalking the city. “One out of four persons in urban centres suffers from some diagnosable form of mental illness,” said social psychiatrist Harish Shetty, adding people rush to “bars, body gyms, brain shrinks, breath gurus and babas,” for a solution. Quoting a survey conducted among family physicians over a decade back, he says one of four Mumbaikars has stress or anxiety. Every fifth Indian suffers from anxiety disorder, or so goes the unwritten belief among India’s psychiatrists.

Best Ways to Treat Depression Anxiety and Stress.

1. Find out the reason for depression in your life:

Find the reasons that depress you. Overcome and forget those things and thinking about future and live in future with positive mindset.

2. Make new friends and new relations:

If you have trouble because of relationshipbroken then don’t worry about it. Get fresh and ready to make new relation and live healthy.

3. Positive Thinking:

You should have positive and creative approaches for all the things in this condition.

4. Meditation:

Meditation is the best way to get cure from depression. You can be done this technique at least an hour daily.

5. Yoga:

Yoga is also the better method to get rid from depression.

6. Exercises:

Exercises are playing a vital role in balancing the body and healthy life.

7. Healthy & Balancing Diet:

Try to eat a healthy and enough diet are full with nutrition, carbohydrates and proteins. The foods you eat have a large effect on your mental functioning.

8. Breathing Exercises:

You can fresh the depress mood with breathing exercises. Breathe deeply and slowly when you are angry or stressed. It’s a best way to stay fresh mind and keep cool.

9. Use Vitamins:

Vitamins are the main part of energy source to our body. You can include more B vitamins into your diet.

10. Listen to Music:

In these situation, feels better to listenfavorite music. Music can change the atmosphere, sing loudly along with music and dance.

11. Avoid Drugs, Alcohol and Quit Smoking:

The drugs, drinking and smoking are the key part to increases depression. You should avoid these things to better life.

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Depression, Anxiety and Stress are a lot harmful for the human world. Follow these all advices which are completely natural to be at your safe zone. Any Question? Ask us in the comment section below.


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